Usually, buyers experience the largest investment of their financial transactions when purchasing a house as a primary residence.

As a buyer, you will provide personal financial information to your lender or Realtor.  In most cases, Realtors and lenders only perform specific functions, they are not full service.  A full-service firm makes recommendations pursuant to the buyer's profile that will maximize the buyer's investment.


For example, buyer's are seldom informed how they can manually reduce their 30 year fixed mortgage to a 22-year mortgage by simply making 1/12 of their P&I payment each month.  Borrowers should be counseled on exactly how to make the best of their largest investment.  There are other suggestions for reducing housing expense in regards to the maintenance of their home.  The typical buyer may sign and initial up to 100 pages of documents for the purchase of their new house.  A typical buyer may also sign up to 70+ documents in relation to the financing of their purchase.  A full-service firm may have tax and/or legal counsel for the buyer without any additional fees or charges, whereas, the typical real estate brokerage or mortgage lender can only refer the buyer to their tax or legal professional.


We hope you can appreciate the value of a full-service brokerage.