When refinancing a primary residence, most borrowers desire a 30 year fixed mortgage loan payment.  If your loan balance is sufficiently low relative to the estimated value of your home, you may pay your taxes and insurance separately.  We encourage to apply for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage loan so that your payments will be low.  However, we encourage our clients to take advantage of the lower payment and reduce the amount of interest paid by reducing the 30 year term to 22 years.  We will show you how that is accomplished.  You may be surprised as that process is a simple one.


You may follow the steps below or simply complete the short information form and we will contact you for completion of the needed requirements. 

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Steps for pre-approval - Purchase or Refinance


2. Complete online application when you are ready to Apply: Online Application

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Mortgage Loan Programs


For Investors:  No Income / No Ratio - No 4506 or Tax Returns

Purchase & Cash out refinances / Interest only - Okay

Up to $1.5 Million


For Primary Residence: FHA/VA, USDA, and Conventional loan programs.  Up to 100% financing - purchase and refinance.


For Commercial:  Min $500,000 loan amount, purchase & refinance.   Retail, office, specialty, multi-family, medical and misc.