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While most real estate and mortgage service institutions and brokerages serve buyers and sellers, rarely is the consumer advised holistically.  This simply means, your financial profile is evaluated such that your purchase of real estate or sale is leveraged to maximize your investment. 

Traditionally, during the course of your real estate transaction, if tax issues arise, you are advised to consult your tax professional.  If legal issues arise, you are advised to consult your legal professional and likewise for credit related issues and other issues that may cause delays in the process.  At Skyh Inc. we avoid such delays and help our clients maximize their investment by offering our tax and legal professionals services that are part of the Skyh Inc. team. 


For example, our clients are informed how to simply reduce their 30-year mortgage to a 22-year mortgage savings thousands in mortgage interest and increasing their equity position.  Our professional staff recognizes when a 1031 tax-deferred exchange would be the best solution to meet your goals or when a reverse mortgage serves you and your family better than a traditional mortgage.  Perhaps, building your own house or a rehab would be the best solution.


In some cases, our clients may need tax solutions or advice to improve the quality of their investment.  Full-service brokerage addresses multiple and related issues missed with traditional, real estate, mortgage brokerage firms and banks. 


Skyh Inc. is proud to offer consumers a paperless transaction or a traditional & personal support transaction at the option of our clients. Skyh Inc. offers the highest technology platform available in the industry to service the needs of any segment of our diverse culture.  While serving California, Skyh Inc. has two primary physical locations.  Bellflower Calfornia and Blyth California. 


To Skyh Inc. full service means, services to clients, consumers, and prospects that include a full range of related real estate services.  This means, escrow, legal services, tax consulting and preparation, credit assistance and paralegal services. Do not be deceived by firms that say they are full service, yet they only offer real estate or only mortgage services and say they offer services needed to complete your real estate transaction.  A real full-service firm "expands" those services needed to complete your real estate transaction and maximize your investment. 

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